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Photo Bakery The 80% of the ingredients used by Enzo's Bakery are bought within the Goods Shed where local Kent producers deliver their products daily.
Recently Enzo's Bakery won the three stars prize from the Food Agency for its high level of hygiene.
If you have tried an Italian dish and you want to relive the same experience Challenge Us!
We are members of Produced in Kent Limited, which team are dedicated to promoting the very best Kent has to offer. When you buy locally produced goods you are getting fresher and healthier produce, reducing food miles, contributing to the local economy, better value for money, creating less packaging and waste, protecting the rural landscape of Kent. Photo Bakery
Photo Bakery You can find us at the Goods Shed, a daily farmers market with onsite restaurant using the local market produce, having a great turnover of fresh local and abroad produce. Its continuing success, (your support) along with many other home grown produce outlets has, we believe, directly contributed to the supermarkets responding by stocking more local British produce.
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